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The Gavel And Staff visit to
Lodge Kilsyth St John, No 39, Scotland

"The Redcoats are Coming!" was the cry many years ago in Scotland when the English crossed the Border with Scotland. Well, the Gavel and Staff Lodge 9835 were invited to perform a Ceremony at Lodge Kilsyth St John No 39, in Kilsyth, a small town between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Eleven members of the Lodge had a great weekend in Scotland, during which they formed a "deputation", and demonstrated a "First" or "Entered Apprentice Degree" as worked under the United Grand Lodge of England.

Gavel And Staff and Kilsyth St John Lodge Members portrait

Present were the Provincial Grand Master of Dunbartonshire, Bro. Thomas K. Leckenby, the Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Bro. James Forrest, and the Worshipful Master of the Gavel and Staff, W. Bro. Gordon Haining, and the visiting Brethren were warmly welcomed by Right Worshipful Master Neil Mitchell.

Fabulous hospitality followed, during which the group, together with many of their wives, were entertained by The Kilsyth Thistle Pipe Band, and a one man orchestra for the dancing called John Morgan, a member of the Lodge. On this special occasion, apparently for the first time, the "Harmony" was opened up to what we in England would call a "White Table", and wives and girlfriends from both Lodges joined us for a superb evening.

The main course of the "Festive Board" or "Harmony" as they call it in Scotland was piped in by Bro. Paul M Leslie PM, the Lodge Piper and the Provincial Grand Piper.  Jim Motherwell BEM, 10th Queens Piper, another member of the Lodge was unable to make it, now being Pipe Major at Eton.

Fabulous Hospitality at the "Harmony" in KilsythGavel and Staff LodgeHospitality continued with plenty of distilled product!

The main course was an absolutely delicious Haggis, (freshly shot that morning we were told), with Drambuie sauce, and Tatties and Neeps, washed down with beer, wine and some of the country’s distilled product, well we had to try it!!

The Master also very kindly donated a sum from the collection to the Gavel and Staff Charity.

Following this great meeting, the Gavel and Staff is looking at creating a "Display Team" so another "tradition" can be established for this new Lodge, still only two years old. 





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