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The Consecration of
The Gavel And Staff Lodge No 9835
Monday 26th November 2007

Gavel and Staff Lodge Consecration in the Grand Temple atGrand Lodge

What a fantastic turnout of about 740 freemasons as they witnessed the Metropolitan Grand Master RW the Rt Honourable Lord Millett PC consecrate the Gavel & Staff Lodge No 9835 in the magnificent historic Grand Temple at Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street on Monday, 26th November 2007.

Brethren had travelled from all over the UK and Europe to witness this special, rare occasion - England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Belgium, Spain , USA and over 70 brethren from the Isle of Wight - what a turnout! Over 80 brethren travelled from Derbyshire to support the Worshipful Master and the lodge.

The founder members made up of 34 toastmasters and beadles wore their red jackets and gowns and what a colourful sight it was. The Metropolitan Grand Master and his consecrating team from Metropolitan Grand Lodge entered the Grand Temple to a fanfare by State Trumpeters. The atmosphere was electric and visiting brethren soon realised they were about to witness something quite special with the formation of this new, exiting and colourful lodge.

Gavel and Staff Officers and Visitors

The Metropolitan Grand Master then proceeded to consecrate the lodge which was carried out with excellent poise and precision aided by the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master and the consecrating team (pictured above). The Metropolitan Director of Ceremonies the VW Bro Guy Elgood directed the brethren in a calm and confident manner which enabled a smooth consecration ceremony to take place and was ably assisted by W Bro Simon Duckworth.

After the consecration of the lodge the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master R,W. Bro Russell Race DL PJGW installed the Worshipful Master W Bro Mike Hyman into the chair of King Soloman who then in turn installed the founding officers of the lodge. The pride, precision and presentation from the toastmasters and beadles in their refinery shone like a beacon during the ceremony.

The Sheffield and District Masonic Choir, who had travelled down from Yorkshire and Derbyshire, were magnificent in their renditions during the ceremony. The choir were led by W Bro John Wade who had put together the musical montage that befitted such a superb ceremony. The choir, supported by the visiting brethren, produced sounds that made the hair rise on the back of the neck. They performed the anthem 'Cornerstone' by George Linstead (1908-74), arranged by Christopher Powell (1947-) Is.XXV111.16 and a solo by W Bro Mike Teanby who sang "Hail Masonry".

Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master R,W. Bro Russell Race DL PJGW installed the Worshipful Master W Bro Mike Hyman into the chair of King Soloman

The rendering of the National Anthem was superb and very nearly raised the roof with 740 brethren proudly bellowing out the words.

Bro Ron Smiley of Chelsea Lodge presented a superbly crafted ceremonial gavel to the lodge to mark the occasion, which was accepted by the Worshipful Master with great pride.

The Gavel & Staff Lodge presented every visiting brother with a miniature gavel and commemorative programme as a souvenir of this historic day.   

After the ceremony 480 brethren made their way to the Connaught Rooms for the consecration banquet and festive board which was a splendid affair. Presentations were made to the Metropolitan Grand Master and the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master by the Worshipful Master on behalf of the Lodge. W Bro Brian Key's rendering of the Master's song was excellent and very emotional.

The Gavel & Staff's sponsoring lodge, Chelsea Lodge 3098, provided an excellent cabaret of comedy and music that had the brethren in stitches.

The Gavel And Staff Lodge Members and Officers with their visiting dignitaries

At 11.30 p.m. the brethren sadly made their weary way home having witnessed freemasonry at its very best with a superb afternoon in the Temple which can only be described as an excellent 'Masonic banquet' followed by another excellent 'Masonic banquet' - the second being edible!

The brethren who had the pleasure of being part of this super day and witnessed a little piece of Masonic history will remember it for a long time to come.

A magnificent day in the magical and magnificent Grand Temple
in the spiritual home of freemasonry.




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