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History of the
The Gavel and Staff Lodge

For a number of years Toastmasters and Beadles had been trying to form a Lodge for members of their professions but at that time there was a reluctance by Grand Lodge to grant new Warrants. Lodges were closing due to lack of support and Grand Lodge preferred that new Lodges took over the Warrants of these failing Lodges.

When approached by the original potential Founders, the existing Members saw it as a saviour for their Lodge - not what the founders wanted as they were trying to create a unique Lodge with a unique style. After a couple of years with no result, the original organisers gave up and the whole project was about to stop.

At that point Bro. Michael Hyman, one of the original Founders, decided to take on the task. Finding that the remaining Founders were still very enthusiastic he approached the Metropolitan Grand Secretary and his Assistant for advice and guidance. The advice was not encouraging - they still wanted a failing Lodge to be taken over. It was obvious that a list of names on a petition for a warrant would not get past the Secretary’s desk.

Undaunted, Bro. Mike contacted all the potential Founders and during the next few weeks the word spread and soon there was about 40 Brethren expressing great interest. This was obviously a sound basis for starting a new Lodge.

At a meeting of all the potential Founders, Bro. Mike outlined and discussed a concept in a business plan. It was agreed to pursue the policy of petitioning Grand Lodge for a Warrant for a new Lodge.
Permission to petition for a Warrant was required from the Metropolitan Grand Master, so a five-page document was produced answering all the objections previously put forward. This was sent to the Metropolitan Grand Secretary who then granted a meeting to discuss the proposal in detail.

Five Founders went with Bro. Mike Hyman to the meeting with the Metropolitan Grand Secretary, W.Bro Andrew Henderson and his Assistant W.Bro John Wood. The document produced by Bro. Mike had impressed them and had answered all the questions they wanted to ask.

Two days later the Metropolitan Grand Master granted permission for a Petition to presented to the Grand Master for consideration.

In June 2007 at the Quarterly Communications of Grand Lodge, it was announced that the Grand Master had acceded to our Petition and granted a Warrant in favour of a new Lodge to be given the name "Gavel and Staff Lodge" and the number 9835 in the register of Grand Lodge.


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