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About The Lodge Badge

The Lodge's Badge symbolises the coming together of two great professions -
Toastmasters and Beadles Of Livery Companies
in love and harmony, against a background of Freemasonry.

The Lodge Crest

The Freemason background is signified by the square and compasses, two of the three Great Lights of Masonry, set against a light blue field: a colour which is described as characteristic of our Institution, being emblematical of universal beneficence and charity, and the expanse of 'the Blue Arch of Heaven'.

The professions are alluded to by two lions which are said to represent strength and power.

Toastmasters, who traditionally wear red, are signified by the red lion bearing a gavel - the working tool of that trade.

Guild Beadles are represented by the black lion, the more usual colour worn by them, carrying a staff which is a common feature of their office.

The lions look forward (heraldically 'guardant'), guarding our ancient landmarks whilst looking forward to a bright future.

Lions appear in both the coats-of-arms of the Sovereign and the United Grand Lodge of England, thus we are reminded of the first toast of the evening - "To the Queen and to the Craft."

Being in dark blue and gold (the colours of higher honours), the border points out that, as it is 'the hope of reward that sweetens labour', it should be every lodge member's ambition to be sufficiently diligent and dedicated to our genuine tenets and principles, as to aspire to success in our Mystic Order.

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